My Graduation film “The other side of the story” - Script by Naor Zion -

won several awards ;


  • International film & art festival in China, ‘CICDAF’,  (special distinguished award, September 2005)

  • International Film Haifa festival, Israel (1‘st award, short film category, October 2003)

  • Israel’s animation festival ‘Asifa’, Tel-Aviv (2‘nd award, animation Film category, 2003)


The film was chosen to screen in Various festivals around the world -

"Annecy" (France), "Zagreb" (Croatia), "AniFest" (czech Republic), "Krok" (Russia), "Animac", "BIFF", "Anifest", "FilmFest", "Tricky woman" and more.

* The film was performed By the Israeli Live Orchestra "Ha'filharmonit"

at the "Israel's Festival", "Zlilim" desert & various other Israeli's theatres.


The animated series 'Duck And Cover' concept by Maya Arad de-Hauvel  ;won the "staff pick" at the 8'th annual "Animation Magazine" Pitch contest